UNIVICE umboðar íslendska framleiðaran Curio

Curio framleiðir alternativ til flakaskering sum í góðsku og úrtøku er heilt á hædd við, og hægri enn teir traditionellu veitarirnir innan økið.

Teir framleiða eina framúrskarandi flakaskerimaskinu, ein avhøvdara, ein skrallara og ein hvessara til flest allar rundar maskinknívar.

 Filleting Machine C2011
The new C2011 whitefish filleting machine offers a high and consistent yield, achieved by a robust and
reliable design specific for whitefish processing.

Simple user interface allows the operator to easily switch between different species, select different range settings, adjust the machine speed and operate the machine safely.

Opening the safeguards provides a clear and easy access to the machine internals, minimizing the time required for daily maintenance, cleaning and repair work.
Automatic lubrication system ensures that all critical parts are well lubricated, reducing repair and maintenance work while providing a reliable and safe operation.

Stainless steel trays, adjustable guides and flexible cutting mechanism ensure high and consistent yield and throughput.

All materials used, in direct contact with the processed fish have been carefully selected to be approved for food processing.